La maison des Gardiens de l’Océan

 La maison des Gardiens de l’Océan

Séjour dans la maison "Des Gardiens de l’Océan"

Possibilité de très courts séjours hors Juillet/Août :
- jour d’arrivée flexible.
- 3 nuitées minimum

Toutes charges comprises, jusqu’à 6 personnes,
hors taxe de séjour (1 euros/pers/jour pour les plus de 18 ans)

Fabienne MARCHAL -
06 62 54 05 77


Balades littorales à 2 pas de la Maison des Gardiens de l’Océan
Votre guide vous mène sur des itinéraires aux alentour du GR 34 et au pied des falaises. Des points de vue magnifiques, le patrimoine naturel, la richesse historique de l’Anse de Bertheaume et de la pointe Saint-Mathieu...


Coastal ride
From the House of the Guardians of the Ocean, just a few steps from the Pointe St Mathieu, your guide will take you on routes around the GR 34 and at the foot of the cliffs. Magnificent views, the natural heritage, the rich history of Anse de Bertheaume

At dawn  : to the east, the beaches of Bertheaume interspersed with cliffs chiseled by oceanic flows, the passage to Brest guarded by the lighthouse of Petit Minou then the peninsula of Crozon. When the sun rises, show !

Off the trails  : Tracks lead to some rocky points or at the bottom of the cliffs accessible at low tide. Other courses are loaded with curiosities of maritime heritage. So many sets to tell a good local story and wonder about the marine and terrestrial erosions

From the Fort : at the time of the lighthouses ! Lights come on. A walk from Fort Bertheaume to the tip of the Cormoran offers a cross-view of the entrance to the harbor of Brest, on the peninsula of Crozon and the wide and finally Saint Mathieu ...

From the Ria du Conquet : birds of the seaside A landscape in perpetual motion, punctuated by the tide. A haven for many birds. A walk between sand tongues and water veins, salicornes and obiones, to observe biodiversity

From Trez-Hir : introduction to fishing on foot A form of fishing "no kill" : we take only to observe. At low tide : on the trail of worms, crabs, shells, anemones, sponges and algae and birds

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